Law enforcement authorities in Tallahassee, Fla., on Monday raided the home of a data scientist who had been fired by Gov. Ron DeSantis after refusing to manipulate numbers.

In the months since her firing, Rebekah Jones has continued to publish coronavirus statistics independently, while also issuing warnings on Twitter and cable news. DeSantis, meanwhile, has continued to downplay the severity of the epidemic, which has killed nearly 20,000 Floridians.

Jones posted video of the raid, which was conducted by Florida state police Monday morning. She said the police “took all my hardware and tech,” for which they obtained a warrant following a Department of Health complaint.

“They pointed a gun in my face,” Jones said in her message

In a second message, Jones described how the state police “took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country.”

Rebekah Jones. (Courtesy of Rebekah Jones)
Rebekah Jones. (Courtesy of Rebekah Jones)

Jones put the blame for the raid squarely on the governor. “This was DeSantis,” she wrote. “He sent the gestapo.” The Gestapo was the secret police of Nazi Germany. DeSantis’s office did not respond to a Yahoo News request for comment